The impact of competition law (also known as antitrust law) on businesses is ever increasing. DESTONE & CO. has the expertise to guide local and international clients on all aspects relating to this developing area of the law in Malawi. We have litigated up to the Supreme Court and advised clients on the subject. In particular, we are able to assist with the following services:

  • All aspects of compliance, including in-house training
  • Preparing, submitting and moving applications for approval of mergers and acquisitions before the Competition and Fair Trading Commission
  • Opposing a merger on behalf of parties who are concerned about the anti-competitive implications of a merger
  • Reviewing agreements in order to advise on the competition law aspects
  • Applying for exemptions in respect of prohibited practices
  • Cartel investigations and settlements
  • Dealing with complaints regarding prohibited practices
  • Instituting and defending complaints to the Competition and Fair Trading Commission
  • Interim relief applications
  • Obtaining advisory opinions from the Competition and Fair Trading Commission
  • Appeals and reviews to the Competition Appeal Court