The employment law team at DESTONE & CO. offers an extensive range of labour law services across a wide spectrum of industries. Our professionals have successfully represented clients in significant labour matters in Labour Courts, the Supreme Court of Appeal and the Constitutional Court; and acted for a diverse range of clients, inclusive of multinationals and trade unions.

Our competencies and services extend from corporate governance requirements to commercial litigation, meaning that our respective teams can provide detailed advice and opinions on a wide range of employment law and commercial matters with employment law implications, and are well placed to assist with both litigious and non-litigious needs.
OUR EMPLOYMENT LAW SERVICES INCLUDE: ALTERNATIVE DISPUTE RESOLUTION We pride ourselves in facilitating settlements in significant employment disputes.

HEARING FACILITATION Investigating, initiating, prosecuting or chairing of internal disciplinary and incapacity enquiries.

POLICY GUIDANCE Drafting of workplace policies and procedures, disciplinary codes, executive service agreements, employment contracts, independent contractor agreements, and restraint of trade agreements.

COUNSEL AND RECOMMENDATIONS Providing strategic advice on all aspects of employment law, including on recent and proposed amendments to labour legislation. We also advise on all aspects of individual and collective employment law (including in respect of organisational and strike disputes).

CHANGE MANAGEMENT Advising and assisting with transfer of businesses, restructuring and retrenchments (small and large scale). We also conduct, and advise on, due diligences.

LEGAL REPRESENTATION Representing employers, employees or trade unions in instituting or defending any litigious labour related matter, including in urgent court applications, dismissal, discrimination, and unfair labour practice disputes.

EMPLOYMENT LAW TRAINING Our team offers bespoke employment law training to all levels of management, either on-site at your premises or at the offices of DESTONE & CO.