Fees for legal services are regulated by law and are subject to agreement between a client and the firm. The primary regulation is in section 40 of the Legal Education and Legal Practitioners. It says a Legal Practitioner and his client may, before, after or in the course of any contentious business make arrangement in writing fixing the amount of the Legal Practitioners remuneration. The Legal Practitioners (Scale and Minimum Charges) Rules prescribe the minimum remuneration for any type of service provided at DESTONE & CO. The overall guideline where there is no prescribed charges is set out in Part III of the Legal Practitioners (Scale and Minimum Charges) Rules. It requires that the charges must be “reasonable and fair having regard to all the circumstances of the case” in issue. These are the basic guidelines on which legal fees for legal services at DESTONE & CO. are determined and agreed. The agreement can be on case by case basis or on retainer basis with the clients.